A little Cedar Valley love for MacKenzie

Be sure to check out this article on Vermont-bound Drew MacKenzie from Thursday's Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.
Waterloo didn't need a flashy forward. The Black Hawks already were set at that position with Billy Maday, Brett Olson and Brock Montpetit in the fold. Waterloo needed defensemen. The best guy available, in Waterloo's mind, was MacKenzie. "It's like picking an offensive tackle in the first round of the NFL draft," Black Hawks assistant coach and chief scout Shane Fukushima said. "A good offensive tackle is the one who protects the quarterback's weak side and are hard to come by. "Drew MacKenzie is like a good offensive tackle ... he protects our goalies. It wasn't a flashy or sexy pick, but it was the right pick for the Waterloo Black Hawks."
And continued....
MacKenzie arrived in Waterloo sight unseen. But his impact has been felt throughout the league. The New Caanan, Conn. native has thrown his body around behind the Black Hawks' net and hasn't been afraid to mix it up. "We knew he was a good player and that, obviously, is why our team took him No. 1," said fellow blueliner Blake Kessel. "He brings a physical presence out there on the ice day in, day out along with the skill to make the first pass and make plays at the blueline."
MacKenzie, 19, made what appears to be a very wise decision to play a season of Junior "A" before heading to Hockey East. Aside from Mike Weber, the Sabres aren't teeming with physical, stay-at-home defensemen. MacKenzie has good feet to his 6'2, 200-pound frame, and a few sound developmental years with the Catamounts could bode well for the Sabres system, and see him emerge and a late-round sleeper. In 53 games with the Hawks, MacKenzie has gone 3-13-16 with a +6 and 103 PIM.
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