Enroth talks summer plans, Buffalo

Written By Kris Baker on Saturday, June 7, 2008 | 6/07/2008

Below is the best translation of a brief interview that Jhonas Enroth did with HockeySverige this week.
Jhonas Enroth, 19, goalkeeper From Sodertalje to Buffalo Sabres (former club: Huddinge IK) What will be your first goal when you come to camp and the NHL? -- In the first instance to play as good as possible and to make a good impression on the people in the organization. If you do not take place directly in the NHL, then select games in the AHL or Elitserien? -- I will play in the AHL in that case since I have no elitserien contract. What do you know about the Sabres? -- The first goalie Ryan Miller is known quite well, but it is not clear who will be backup, although I think the team will sign someone like David Aebischer or another. I have been in Buffalo in the past and the city and the team seems equally good organization. But in general, I know no one on the team except Dennis Persson. But I read on your website yesterday that he will be lent to a Swedish club the first year. Although some feel safe again some of the other guys from past camps. When do you go over? -- On June 24, I go over to a summer camp for a week, but then no date is clear. Even though it is well at the end of August, I can imagine. What are your summer plans until then? -- I train myself in the morning and with the Huddinge IK in the afternoon, so my summer will most probably consist of training.
While we're not sure if David Aebischer is going to be the Sabres backup in 2008-09, we at least have a good idea of when the Summer Prospects Camp is going to be.


gaf said...

Awesome update. Kid is coming over pretty early, wonder if he is going to get some extra attn from Corsi (dont know if thats a good or bad thing!! lol).. Anyway, you going to try and get an 'exclusive' when he is town (obviously, you'd have to comb UB to find a translator)?.. He does seem confident and has an idea what the Sabres plans are w/ goaltending (the transparency is a good thing, unless he just knows that being a back up in the NHl would gain him very little valuable experience). I wonder if the Sabres actually talked to him about their plans, or Aebeshier specifically, or if he was just saying a backup goalie he knew..

Kris Baker said...

I'd love to chat with JE. He has said in the past that he knows he'd have to adjust to the thinner rinks with a season in the AHL. It's always been his plan. I wondered why, of all the names out there, that Enroth would specifically mention Aebischer. With Aebbi being Swiss, perhaps it'd be a nice follow-up to them drafting Sbisa. Hey, you never know.

For the record, my Swedish is solid after chasing "John" and "That Persian" all over the internet the past two seasons. ;)

Plus, we'll be speaking the international language...of hockey (not "love", like in "Better Off Dead")...However, a Swedish translator from UB would certainly get his attention quicker. Inquire within.

Jim Boeheim said...

How is his Engish?

Kris Baker said...

By all accounts, his English is fine actually.

cybresabre said...

My buddy was a foreign exchange student from Sweden and his English was very good and still is, despite being back home. He's far, far from being an academic, so I'd find it hard to imagine (thanks to The Simpsons) that he's an extraordinary case.

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