First drill observations

Byron blows a tire on his first turn. Very deft with the puck otherwise. Enroth looks sharp in his movement. Swift side to side, covers space well in this 3-0 warmup drill. Stopped most of the pucks sent his way. Quick low shots were the ones that beat him. Eno is getting lit up early in drill #2. Improved greatly near the end. Nice glove. Not as agile as Jhonas. Tropp, Adam, Ennis, Byron have goal scorer written all over them. Again, these were merely undefended shooting drills. 1-1 and 2-1 drills Adam very good east-west mover entering the zone. Ennis has ridiculous wheels and makes good, quick decisions. He's a lot to handle. Byron beat Persson cleanly wide. Persson has trouble pivoting backwards. He fared better against Cepis. Myers is the real deal in terms of skating and skill. In a D posture, Gragnani crashed into the boards. Put him back at LW already. Irwin is a very impressive skater. Looks like a player. I'd like to see him in a game setting.
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