Some more from the small pad

(Pardon the bullet/note format, as these are being sent in via a mobile device) Gogulla is so patient with the biscuit. He buys time and uses the boards well - eventually finding open space for a teammate to swoop in and carry on. In 4-4's, Gerbe just came breaking down the right side and did his spin-o-rama backhand from the hash - only to be stopped by Dennis. Schutz just made a fabulous thread the needle pass to a breaking Orpik on the way back. Eidsness stuffed the down low attempt. Orpik has made a few safe plays with the puck in the 4-4's. He looks to have improved his footwork since last summer. Eidsness is very strong in the shootout drills. Weber tried to do the Gerbe spin, but was stopped by Eidsness. Schiestel has impressive hands, quickly going high backhand in the shootout. His skating shined in the 3-3 portion. Kennedy is working hard. He's got some rough edges to his style and has had some issues getting in tight against big defenders today.
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