Pirates majestic in 6-3 win over Monarchs

Written By Kris Baker on Sunday, October 12, 2008 | 10/12/2008

Mark Mancari scored a hat trick and two assists to lead the Portland Pirates to a 6-3 season opening win over the Manchester Monarchs. One impressive first impression:
"(Mancari) put some points on the board, and he was a presence," Dineen said. "I think he is very aware he's playing with some guys who have some special skills, and he's embracing that."
The two "guys with special skills" happen to be prospects Tim Kennedy and Nathan Gerbe. Kennedy added a goal and two assists in his first professional game, while Gerbe posted a pair of helpers to propel the Pirates. Adam Dennis made 28 saves between the pipes to secure the win. The rundown: Mancari: 3 goals, 2 assists, Kennedy: 1 goal, two assists, +2 Gerbe: 2 assists, +2 Butler: 2 assists, +2 Gragnani: 1 assist, +1 Hunter: assist, +1 Whitmore: 1 assist Kostka: even Schutz: 2 PIM Zagrapan: -1 Weber: -2 Card: -2


Anonymous said...

If Mancari ever has a hot streak in Portland, do u think he would earn himself a callup? If we were looking for Ellis to temporarily replace Gaustad because of the toughness we'll be missing, wouldn't Mancari have been a good option to put in the line-up instead of signing Ellis? Is Ellis that much better or tougher than Mancari?

Kris Baker said...

The difference between Mancari and players like Ellis and even Darche is experience. That, and Mancari still needs to earn that call up with inspired play both with and away from the puck.

From the MHJ:

“With this group (in Portland), we really want to leave this alone for now and let them be together and let them play,” said Regier. Not so much the older players, there are guys who can play the wing and do the same thing that Ellis can do, but in the middle we didn’t want to bring the younger guys up.”

I don't want to go hog wild after one game on a line with Gerbe and Kennedy, but the numbers are reminiscent of the AHL starts that Roy and Pominville had a few years back, and it's nice to see.

Anonymous said...

forgot about Darche

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