Puck drops Persson

Dennis Persson was knocked out of the game after taking a puck in the face during Timra's 5-1 loss to Rogle on Saturday. The defenseman was bleeding from the nose as he made his way off the ice at 14:10 of the second period. Skating 12:50 worth of shifts through slightly more than half the game, Persson was on his way to another twenty-minute workout at the time of the injury. At one point fifth in the SEL standings, October has seen the injury bug cause an Eagles dive into the league's bottom three teams. With Timra's next game not coming until Thursday against Brynas, it's possible that Persson doesn't miss additional game time. The 2006 first round pick has shown developmental strides this season, averaging over 18:00 a night while learning from past mistakes in his 13 appearances. We'll update his status when more info becomes available.
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