Ennis, Myers discuss dream gig

Written By Kris Baker on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 | 12/16/2008

Below are a few quick reactions from Tyler Ennis and Tyler Myers regarding their earning of roster spots on Team Canada for the 2009 World Junior Championships. Ennis quote
“I woke up at 6 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep,” recounted Ennis. “When the phone rang I was pretty nervous.” The voice on the other end asked for Ennis’s roommate, defenceman Tyler Cuma who had injured his knee during an intra-squad game at the four-day tryout camp. Ennis, who later heard the knock at the door, will join 21 other members of the national junior team that now moves base camp to Canadian Forces Base Petawawa for a two-day team bonding session. After a proper on-ice training camp in Orangeville, Ont., the squad will play Sweden on Friday at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre in preparation for the start of the IIHF under-20 world championship tournament on Boxing Day. “I’m really excited and can’t wait for things to get underway,” said Ennis. “In Ottawa, in Canada. There’s going to be a lot of things going on and it will be a lot of fun. “It was nerve-racking, fun and exciting all at the same time.” Ennis becomes the first Tiger since Kris Russell and Darren Helm two years ago to compete for Canada, and the slippery forward has a stellar outing at the selection camp to thank. “He performed well,” said Medicine Hat Tigers coach Willie Desjardins, an assistant with Team Canada. “It’s a tough camp coming in to; you have to perform well. I think he was first or second in scoring (during the intra-squad games), that’s important because they were looking for offence from him.
I can see Ennis skating on a second line centered by Cody Hodgson, but we shall see. Myers quote
“I think I slept maybe two hours at most,” Myers says. “A bunch of us ordered pizza and watched TSN really late, then my roommate and I (goalie Dustin Tokarski, who also made the team) stayed up until 4:30, just waiting and wondering. We woke up again around seven, and just hoped we’d get the knock on the door instead of the phone call. At about 7:45, we got the knock. It was (captain) Thomas Hickey. He had our suitcases. It was an amazing feeling. It’s just a dream to be part of this team.”
Myers is one of eight Canadian defenseman, forcing the team to only keep 12 forwards. The bucking of the usual 7-13 breakdown is the result of 17-year old Ryan Ellis being kept as a power play specialist.


Anonymous said...

With our current depth at defense, and the even better depth we will have next year, will there be no rush in bringing in Myers next year? I get the vibe the organization isn't too concerned about him bulking up and cares more about what he can bring to the table right away. He's playing well and all, but with Brennan & Schiestel likely signing, Persson likely coming over, and Butler, Gragnani, and even Kostka already in the system, I think that could give them more of a reason to wait on Myers, giving him extra time to bulk up in the process. I think Numminen leaving and Weber stepping up is the only given. You can go on and on about possible scenarios. What do you think Bakes?

Kris Baker said...

There is no need to rush a defensemnan right now, but if Myers proves that he can play in the NHL immediately, I think he will be the developmental trend-breaker.

His skating ability is so elevated, and the needle keeps moving on his confidence meter that I may be so bold to say makes/darn near makes the opening night roster next season if space is available (which it currently will not be).

Ridiculous perhaps, but only from the perspective that Butler-Weber, Sekera, and then Myers is awfully young in conjunction with a mix of vets that will include some of Rivet, Lydman, Tallinder, Paetsch. Miller needs some experienced guys in front of him. I do think Butler is in the NHL next year for the full term.

To the point, I think theoretically Butler could have started this season on the top club, but the experience factor of Teppo out-weighed that as an option.

But, doesn't the situation become more enticing if you have an efficient, cheap defense? Three guys on their first NHL contract (Butler, Weber, Myers), and another re-signed RFA (Sekera) could help you manage the bumps that Pominville and Miller get while looking to get bigger at center once the deadweight of Afinogenov and Connolly are trimmed.

The Butler call will be splash in the face to Weber, who has slid some in the past couple of weeks. There is no long term worries whatsoever about Weber. He already is what is what he's going to be at the NHL level. This is just another example of the team calling up the guy who's playing best.

Anonymous said...

Cool Bakes! I can conclude from what you said that Gragnani moves to left wing then. Do you see him earning a few call-ups next year as a winger?

Kris Baker said...

Gragnani gives the Sabres versatility. He's already earned a look as a rookie, so you have to think that he controls his own destiny as far as call-ups go. He can play either D or W in the A, but better as wing in the NHL.

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