Tropp out for two; Kampfer comments

Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer (ANA) has spoken to The Detroit Free Press regarding the events of Saturday's UM/MSU battle that have left him with a strained neck and hope that he can tie it on next weekend. For his actions, Rick Comley will keep Corey Tropp out of action for at least two games until an official league ruling is handed down.
Kampfer said he didn’t know if Tropp intentionally tried to hit him in the neck. “It’s not like people didn’t know I had that injury,” Kampfer said. “If that was his true intention, that’s uncalled for. I don’t know what (Tropp) was thinking at the time. Obviously, I’m disappointed.” Kampfer watched the replays Sunday. “It’s something that shouldn’t have happened,” Kampfer said. “It just shows the lack of sense that people have. I don’t think two-handing someone over the neck when someone has had previous injuries is right or necessary.” Asked if he thought the players should miss more time, Kampfer said: “That’s not up for me to decide. I’m biased because it happened to me. It’s up to (CCHA commissioner) Tom Anastos and the refs to decide.”
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