Another twist for Tropp

Suspended Michigan State forward Corey Tropp will not be playing in the USHL after all, as his remaining years of eligibility would be at risk if he was to do so according to the NCAA. Or at least that's what's happening on Day 10 of the Tropp Saga. While we won't see the Grosse Point, MI native covering a wing for the balance of 2008-09, expect a return to the Spartans lineup in 2009-10.
When Tropp came to Sioux Falls last week Michigan State officials told him it was within his rights to play for the Stampede. However, after compliance staff at Michigan State and the NCAA discussed the situation, they were unsure if he could retain his college eligibility if he would have played one game with the Stampede. Because Tropp had already enrolled in spring semester, the NCAA said Tropp would become ineligible if he played with any other team, potentially jeopardizing his college eligibility for the rest of his career. With this new information, Tropp, his family, and family advisor felt it was in the best interest of Corey to return to campus at Michigan State and finish his spring semester. He will then reevaluate his situation at the end of the school year. Tropp's advisors told Stampede officials that Corey's college eligibility is the most important issue at this time. “Corey informed me tonight that he had a conversation with Michigan State head coach Rick Comley prior to Stampede practice today (Monday) and was told he would be reinstated once his suspension is served,” said Stampede CEO Gary Weckwerth. "Corey added that the change in heart came after some of his Michigan State teammates met with Comley and asked them to reconsider Corey's situation. This is the right thing for Corey. We are very happy for him and that he can start putting this incident behind him."
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