Pest gets dozen for dropping Foligno

Zac Rinaldo of the Barrie Colts has been suspended 12 games by the Ontario Hockey League after his blindside hit on Marcus Foligno this past Sunday. Rinaldo, a pest prospect of the Philadelphia Flyers, came up high from the side on the 6'3 Foligno, dropping the Wolves physical leader and forcing him off the ice in a woozy state. Foligno would gather his marbles and return to the game.

With Rinaldo taking a seat, Foligno and the Wolves will have one less thorn in their side when they stave off elimination against the CHL's #1 ranked team on Wednesday. Also worth considering is that the next time Foligno gets to settle the score, it could be in a Sabres-Flyers tilt a few years down the line. Foligno was already ahead on the judges scorecard after pounding the 5'11 agitator a few weeks back.

After Zack Kassian received 20 games for his hit on Barrie's Matt Kennedy, does Rinaldo's dozen fit the crime?
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