Foligno interview reveals mature leader

Thanks to reader Jason I. for sending this interview clip of Marcus Foligno. He writes:

I was wondering if you had seen an interview with Marcus Foligno that has shown up on the internet. It comes from a show called 10 Minute Major. I guess it airs on the radio in northern Ontario. Anyways, their first guest was Marcus Foligno. They talk about Sabres Camp, becoming a captain, and being coached by his father. They even talked about how the passing of his mother effected his game, and how he has improved his scoring touch. I thought you would enjoy it.

As I stated in my reply, Marcus is a great kid who works his tail off and deserves all the good things that come to him. I'm really looking forward to his first Foligno leap in blue and gold. Enjoy the interview as I did.

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