Kassian again finds turmoil, ejected in CAN/CZE tilt

Written By Kris Baker on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | 12/28/2010

I'll post more on this as we go, but here's a reel of the Zack Kassian hit on Petr Senkerik that earned a five minute match penalty and game misconduct in the 2nd period of Tuesday's Canada-Czech Republic prelim game. Senkerik was taken off on a stretcher, and the reactions since have varied between "clean" and "dirty". By virtue of the match penalty, Kassian will be forced to sit out Canada's game with Norway on Tuesday.

And once again the 6'3 bullish forward finds himself in a media firestorm just eleven months removed from a vicious headshot on Barrie Colt Matt Kennedy. Kassian served a 20-game suspension for that neutral zone pop, but this hit featured a toned-down aggressor.

Elbow in, didn't leave his feet...The IIHF is not very forgiving. Is this worthy of getting tossed to you?

Angle #2:

The second angle look worse. How late is late?

Kassian was looking like one of Canada's better players in the game until this happened. I pondered whether he would keep himself in check in an emotionally charged environment, but frankly while I hope Senkerik is OK, I think Kassian is innocent of ill intent.

Of course the IIHF may disagree, as their rules prohibit contact to the head and neck areas. If Kassian's shoulder touches Senkerik's chin as suggested by many, he could remain suspended past the Norway game.

We'll see how this plays out.


Anonymous said...

so not worth 5 & a game

Anonymous said...

the same hit they want out of the game- blindside in neutral zone- bush league- will kill someone.

ryan_nellis said...

I just can't tell if he hits his shoulder or his head first. I thought it was a clean hit when I first saw it, but now I'm not so sure. I hope the player is okay, but I like seeing that from Kassian.

Anonymous said...

Well if you need solid Canadian players out of the game so there is no chance of the Canadian's taking back their gold on American soil... I can see how that's a hit to the head.

Seriously though, just a horrible call.

Anonymous said...

The game was like 4-1, it is not a good hit in neutral zone, it is dangerous. be tough in corners and around net, that hit does not belong in the (canada's)game.

Anonymous said...

You mean taking American's Gold? Canada sucks!
Socialist wing nuts!

Kris Baker said...

Maybe a late play by Kassian. Perhaps a dick move even...but I still can't see extra discipline coming aside from the one game for the match.

Anonymous said...

please, please, please bring this kid to buffalo asap

Jim Bob said...

The IIHF, like the CHL, are much more aggressive in trying to rid the game of hits to head than the NHL will ever be.

By NHL rules, it's a clean hit.

By IIHF, it is a hit to the head that deserved 5 and a Game, IMO.

Different standards get you different calls.

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