Catenacci convo continues

If Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds GM Kyle Dubas isn't feeling the heat from the Dan Catenacci trade demand now, wait until next week when training camp begins. After all, what could have been a quiet late-summer stroll into the season has instead become a mini-pressure cooker with the Sault Star water cooler serving as the epicenter.

After reading Peter Ruicci's take last week, two more unique opinions appeared in the paper's pages. First, Bill Montague chimes in with a piece critical of the Hounds for not being ahead of the curve in keeping their leading scorer satisfied.

By losing Catenacci, the Hounds have taken a huge step backwards and Dubas should have done everything possible to make sure this situation did not unfold as it did.

He should have been aware there were problems. He should have been in constant communication with the Catenaccis. And, whether you believe it or not, he should have coddled them, told them what they wanted to hear, if that's what it would have taken to ensure Catenacci's happiness in the Sault.

Like a love relationship, a player has to feel wanted or he goes elsewhere.

Dubas himself said Catenacci could one day become the leading scorer in the league so why wouldn't you do everything possible to keep him here.

Montague continues to make his point, lauding the skilled Catenacci as a hard-working player (albeit with imperfections) who will be tough to replace.

And what did Catenacci mean to the Hounds?

How about a potential 100 point season this season and next. How about a guy who probably worked harder than any other player, game in and game out.

This kid, while undisciplined at times, was by far the team's hardest worker. He seldom took a shift off. He played with sustained intensity. He's as competitive as they come and he has the kind of nasty streak you want in a player.

There's no question that his perceived arrogance may have rubbed some the wrong way, including many of his teammates but nobody can question his work ethic on the ice.

Not everyone is looking to shift their angst from Catenacci towards the Hounds though, as clearly evidenced by Doug Millroy's article titled "Hounds fans don't need a player who doesn't want to be here". I think you have an idea how this one goes.

Actually, it would be nice if we knew what was behind Catenacci's apparently "serious beefs" with the Greyhounds, but as we don't, we are left to speculate.

It may be an ego thing, the Sault not being big enough for him.

It may be that he wasn't accorded the same adulation as some of his teammates such as Cousins and Sproul, possibly not realizing that such adulation is won, not just given.

It may be that he is upset because where he touted himself as being a possible first-rounder in the NHL draft, he didn't go until the third round and this was behind Sproul and Cousins.

It may be because he got short shrift at the Under-18 championship, mostly riding the bench while Cousins got regular ice-time.

It couldn't be for lack of ice time here because he got more than anyone on the team and probably more than he deserved, considering the number of dumb penalties he took. I doubt his new coach, whomever he may be, will be as generous and lenient.

Anyway, who gives a damn what the reason is?

Jeepers. Let's end this and move on.
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