Girgensons locked up

Written By Kris Baker on Saturday, July 14, 2012 | 7/14/2012

Girgensons: ready to compete
The Sabres have announced the signing of Zemgus Girgensons to a three-year entry-level contract. The second of two first round picks from the 2012 draft, the 6'1", 198-pound forward used his all-around game to impress the Sabres at their recent development camp. He was good enough to command the offer, while being comfortable enough to forego his "student athlete status" and nullify his commitment to the University of Vermont.

Girgensons, who scored scored 45 goals and 104 points in his 100-game USHL career, is skilled, full-throttle power forward. He likes to play physical. He likes to take the puck hard to the net. The Sabres are firm in thinking that the 18-year old's mature body and mind will immediately translate to the professional game. 

With an NHL spot within reach, the next stop for the Latvian Locomotive may very well in Rochester of the AHL. The Sabres will weigh what's best for Girgensons in this fall's training camp and go from there.


Anonymous said...

Looking at power forwards next years 2013 draft. Anybody in the Kassian, Foligno, Tom Wilson mold?

Truthbluth said...
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Boogie said...

Hey Kris, can you help me out with something? I just saw that Grigorenko signed his ELC. There are four outstanding RFAs in Ennis, Kaleta, Biega and Schiestel (Not counting Czechura or Persson), and with Grigorenko now in the fold, the Sabres either have 46 or 47 pro contracts depending on whether or not Tarnasky's contract is 2way or 1way AHL.

My question is, am I counting this correctly? Do ELCs count against the 50 contract max even if the player hasn't started his pro career? In any case, this number makes me think that moves are coming, primarily of the two out, one in variety. Or possibly for prospects in college or draft picks. What is your take?

Anonymous said...

And now Grigorenko has signed. Awesome.

Dave said...

Regarding the contract count, the junior and overseas ones "slide". Grigorenko (if he's not in Buffalo), Armia, Catenacci or even Girgensons if he were to wind up in the WHL won't count toward the limit and they don't kick in until someone is playing more than 9 games as an NHL or AHL player. They have the room to sign their RFA's at the NHL level and a couple of them at the AHL level (say, Biega) and leave themselves a few open slots.

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