A Broader Platform

The City of Buffalo announced Wednesday that the Webster Block property, a tract of land currently covered by a parking lot across from the First Niagara Center, will be developed by HARBORcenter Development, LLC - a group headed by Sabres owner, Terry Pegula. The project represents a new look, new jobs, and breath of new life in the downtown area. Revitalization at its finest, and just another sign that the City of Good Neighbors is on the right track to better days.

With the Webster Block news about to hit the wire, Kevin Snow of Sabres.com greased the day's "developmental" theme by announcing an addition to the Sabres web team brought on for the purpose of producing weekly prospect columns and updates on Sabres Hockey Hotline with Kevin Sylvester. I'm pleased to announce that I will be the person helping drive that coverage.

I'm equal parts excited and thankful for the opportunity to elevate the prospect happenings to a much broader platform. The NHL got considerably younger with the last CBA, and fans have demonstrated a desire for more news. In conjunction with the in-depth NHL and AHL coverage already provided, the extended pipeline news truly makes Sabres.com and Sabres Hotline your one-stop source for top-to-bottom (Adam to Vanek) coverage.

And by the way, you will still get your daily fix from SabresProspects.com, so the only adjustment to your bookmarks is adding Sabres.com (which is likely already there) to fill out your news needs.

Thank you all for reading along the way.

Back to sticks and pucks...
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