Concussion symptoms for Armia after cheap shot

Written By Kris Baker on Monday, November 19, 2012 | 11/19/2012

Assat Pori forward Joel Armia will not play in Tuesday's game versus the Lahti Pelicans thanks to concussion symptoms suffered from a Ramzi Abid hit in Saturday's win over JYP. 

Armia was coming through the middle when Abid followed through with a cross check to the head. The Finnish winger finished the game, garnering over 18 minutes of work, but was plagued by headaches afterwards and was immediately ruled out of Tuesday's action.

Armia missed one game in October after getting his bell rung, and Sabres fans are now forced to hope that this isn't a recurring issue for the budding 19-year old sniper.

Abid wasn't penalized on the play but was given a four-game suspension Monday by SM-Liiga disciplinary officials.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know that was Armia's second concussion. Experts are starting to believe that after 3 concussions an athlete should retire. If Armia makes it to Buffalo, I wouldn't count on him lasting long here. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

If that were true, every player in the league would be retired by now. Concussions happen some worse than others. Hopefully he can bounce back

Anonymous said...

"If that were true, every player in the league would be retired by now."

And that's going to change once the multitude of ex-players start sueing the NHL for its lack of protection regarding concussions while they were playing.

Anonymous said...

Bs. One of my d.d.p teachers back in high school, played football and has 6 concussions and still was able to move on play in his senior year.

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