Adjusted Rankings - March 2014

Written By Kris Baker on Sunday, March 16, 2014 | 3/16/2014

Based on deadline acquisitions and recent player developments, it's time to do a quick refresh of the prospect rankings. Rationale to come at a later date, but best to get it posted while attention shifts to the 2014 draft. A much deeper dive should be expected after the draft and development camp.

No change at the top. New names Carrier, Fasching, and Deslauriers get their initial slotting (NOTE: new additions will always be ranked conservatively). Girgensons is set to graduate at the end of the season, while 23/24-year old players like Ruhwedel, Hackett, Schaller, Crawford, Knapp, and Szydlowski will also fall off at the close of the season. For now, they stay.

20) PETERSEN, Cal (G)
21) RUHWEDEL, Chad (RHD)
---) NELSON, Logan (RC)
---) ADAMS, Mark (RHD)
---) SZYDLOWSKI, Shawn (RW)


Kevin Theel said...

So at this stage you see McCabe behind player like Armia and Compher? Not sure how you see that as McCabe is clearly going to be a $3-4 in the NHL and you can definitely questions about whether Armia's skill will ever translate to North America. I guess you can speculate on Compher's skill/grit combination as being higher than McCabe rock solid two way game. I just don't see it that way.

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