Reinhart points as WHL falls to Russians

Sam Reinhart notched a power play assist Tuesday as Team WHL was defeated by Russia 3-2 in game 2 of the 2014 Subway Super Series.

We often talk about the subtle yet effective plays that Reinhart makes, and his backhand dish as he was pinned along the wall in the third period is just another example of his game intelligence. He knew he had space to work with behind him. His teammates did the rest with Morgan Klimchuk (CGY) quickly finding Joe Hicketts (DET) for the slap shot tally as Team WHL halved the Russian lead to 2-1 in the 44th minute.

Aside from picking up the helper, Reinhart was stellar at the faceoff circle to help Team WHL dominate the possession game. Unfortunately for Team WHL, Denis Kostin was sharp in posting a 34-save performance as the Russians took a 2-0 series lead heading into Thursday's game 4 against Nick Baptiste and Team OHL.

Pavel Kraskovsky scored a pair of goals including the game-winner for Team Russia while Andrey Alexeev supplied a single. Colorado prospect Conner Bleackley of the Red Deer Rebels added a late goal as Team WHL looked to stage a comeback.

Reinhart ends the WHL leg of the six-game affair with one assist and a minus-one rating.


Sean Malone remained out of the lineup due to an undisclosed injury as Harvard upset No. 10 Boston College 6-3. Malone has yet to play in Harvard's first four games. The Crimson resume the ECAC schedule Friday versus Max Willman and the Brown Bears.
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