9/7 Recap: Davidsson crashes for helper

If you've been paying attention to this site and the Sabres Prospects Twitter feed, Djurgården forward Marcus Davidsson's ability to hit the slot and do work "in the trenches" has been pointed out with regularity.

You can see it here in his 2016-17 highlights, and he again displayed that willingness yesterday as DIF earned 3-2 overtime victory over Linköping HC in Swedish Hockey League preseason action.

In the play below, Davidsson (#70), the third DIF forward to enter the zone, follows the puck right to the goal mouth, adds chaos and gets a touch for an assist.

It may seem like a simple play where he didn't exactly show off any creative elements, but key plays are made, and often times assists are granted, in many different ways. In this case, Davidsson takes advantage of the sleepy third man back and helps make a play in the paint.

The European brand of hockey features a lot of finesse given the larger ice surface, and while it's not the ideal example given his body of work, it's worth hammering home the style of play that has made Davidsson a successful Swedish professional and compelling North American prospect.

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