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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun with numbers

Below is a set of stat lines for two players at similar developmental points. They played in similar leagues for clubs holding great tradition, with each leading the nation in scoring during their respective runs. Both players also guided their teams to a national title during the capsulized spans.
2002-03 (Age 19) 45GP 31-31-62 60 PIM 2003-04 (Age 20) 38GP 28-25-53 72 PIM - - - - -(Total) 83GP 59-56-115 132 PIM 2006-07 (Age 19) 41GP 25-22-47 76 PIM 2007-08 (Age 20) 43GP 35-33-68 65 PIM - - - - -(Total) 84GP 60-55-115 141 PIM
Thomas Vanek (Minnesota) and Nathan Gerbe (Boston College) employ different styles for sure, but the statistical similarities during their NCAA days are worth noting. Gerbe's game is built more on speed, but like Vanek, he's difficult to take off the puck and scores most of his goals "down low". Vanek has carved out a hobby of parking and tipping near the paint, while Gerbe prefers the organic method of firing shots from all angles to cash in. Sabres fans aren't going to care how it's done as long as both are lighting lamps in blue and gold sweaters for the foreseeable future. Quick memo to SabreNation: Save the date! Outlook July 1, 2011 in your smart phones with the tag, "Kevin Lowe tenders RFA offer sheet to Gerbe"...