Enroth's rest short-lived

In Sweden, SSK and Farjestad are underway in a battle of SEL playoff contenders. Sabres prospect Jhonas Enroth takes a rest today after three straight wins, giving way to Bjorn Bjurling (EDM) in the SSK crease. While Enroth wants to play as often as possible, it's probably a good move for Bjurling to get the nod. SSK will enjoy a 12-day rest after tonight's game, and the pair of talented goalies will need to stay sharp with eleven games left on the schedule. The 2007-08 season marks SSK's return to the SEL after a one-year demotion to the Allsvenskan. They're currently clinging to 8th place in the standings by a single point. Holding that spot down the stretch would land them in the final SEL playoff slot, keeping them out of a relegation series with a possible slip back to the Allsvenskan on the line. UPDATE: Enroth's rest lasted less than a period. As this was being posted, Bjurling let in three goals on nine shots, forcing the 19-year old to grab his gear. I guess the coaching decision wasn't such a great one after all. Enroth faced five shots through the end of the period, letting one by. We'll keep our eyes on this one.
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