Southorn reacts to suspension

Here is a follow-up from Charlottetown's The Guardian regarding the recent suspension of 2008 4th round pick, Jordon Southorn of the PEI Rocket. “I broke a rule. I’m not going to get into details. It’s being dealt with privately with the team,” Southorn told The Guardian. “Everyone knew (about the rule). I skipped the rule in the rule book. It was a bad move on my part (and) I would take it all back if I could.” Southorn, who flies out of P.E.I. on Sept. 7 for the Buffalo Sabres’ training camp, hasn’t signed with the NHL team yet, and so far hasn’t talked to the organization. It’s probable Southorn would have missed P.E.I. home opener Sept. 11 versus Moncton and the next game against Halifax on Sept. 13 anyway. Chouinard said the suspension will be re-visited after the Sabres camp, but Southorn could return to Rocket practice earlier. Southorn, who’s limited to gym workouts, said he’s happy with the Rocket, just prone to bad judgment. “Everyone knew (about the rule). I skipped the rule in the rule book,” he said. “I feel fine about the organization. It’s not them, it’s not Guy, it’s on Jordon Southorn. I started my junior career here, I’m hoping to end it here. I’ll come back whenever they let me.”
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