Schiestel to the shelf

Written By Kris Baker on Monday, October 10, 2011 | 10/10/2011

Rochester defenseman Drew Schiestel is expected to be out four-six weeks after spraining his left MCL in the Amerks' Saturday night loss to Hamilton.

The 22-year old was playing his first regular season game after blowing out his right knee back in January. Named an AHL All-Star before being shut down, a healthy Schiestel was widely considered the Sabres de facto "#8" defesneman heading into 2011-12.

Schiestel's hometown paper, The Hamilton Spectator, has the details on how it all went down.

After making an innocuous pass, he got bumped near his blue line. Not hammered. Not flattened. Just got involved in one of those thousand-times-a-game collisions.

Problem was, his toe was caught in the kind of malleable ice you get early in the season when temperatures outside are more reminiscent of the middle of summer than the onset of fall and the building isn’t deeply chilled.

“The ice is just so soft, the ruts are unbelievable,” he says. “There’s no way your skate’s coming out of it.”

As he twisted, his knee didn’t. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, something bent awkwardly, his kneecap slid out of place and a somewhat familiar pain kicked in.

When he got to the medical room, he sat quietly waiting for some word as the Dogs’ team doctor checked him out. Mainly hoping and praying to not hear the letters ACL.

He didn’t. That’s the good news. That, and the fact that it’s his left knee. The one that wasn’t already repaired once. The bad? It’s a second-degree sprain of the MCL. Even though surgery likely isn’t necessary, he’ll be sidelined for four weeks, maybe six.


Anonymous said...

I guess this answer's my question regarding Brennan or Schiestel...

TJ is probably the first call up (unless Persson is in their plans).

Pysyk seems like a nice kid, but if defence is his x factor, I wish he were a bit "meaner" and "tougher". He is a great skater, however.

Kris Baker said...

Persson is still in their plans. Looked ok in pre-season and they were happy with how he's come around in the last 10 months or so. Something is going to have to give by the end of the season...

I think you'll see Pysyk slowly gain a meaner streak. He's being more assertive already this year. More roughing/x-checking penalties, generally getting more involved etc. but his game will always be two-way smarts and mistake-free hockey. Pretty valuable piece if his game keeps progressing.

Anonymous said...

He is not hurt as severe as first thought and is day to day. May skate at the end of this week Good news.

Kris Baker said...

That's great news considering where his game was headed before the injury. If you've read this site for a while, I've always thought his tools were built for the NHL. Last year's progression exceeded expectations. Another setback was something the org didn't need to deal with.

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