3/18 Recap: Jacobs points as T-Birds bounced

Colin Jacobs picked up an assist as Seattle failed to make the playoffs with a 8-2 loss to Portland on the final day of the WHL regular season. The 6'1 center finishes the year with nine goals and 19 points after missing the first 26 games of the year due to a shoulder injury.

Jerome Gauthier-Leduc logged a -3 as Rimouski was blanked by Victoriaville, 4-0. The right-handed defender ends the season as the leading scorer among QMJHL defensemen with 28 goals and 74 points, two ahead of the 72 posted by Brayden McNabb in Kootenay a season ago.

Steven Shipley did not factor as Niagara ended the regular season with a 2-0 win over Mississauga. The 6'3 forward finishes the year with 48 points, two fewer than the 50mhe put up last year, and 15 fewer than the 63 scored in his draft year.

We'll have more on the playoff matchups later.
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Monday, March 19, 2012 ×

Kris great job on the write up like always. I heard something that the sabres sign a guy in the chl a few days ago named yani gourde or something like that and if so what type of a player is he any chance he makes the NHL

Kris Baker
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 ×

Bobs - I saw the tidbit posted but seems like smoke, no fire (at least for now anyways).


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