Over on the small pad

Simulated 3-2 settings here on the small pad. Excuse me, small seating area... Brennan is strong on his feet down low. Likes to rub the body. Gogulla sees the ice very well. He sent a pass to Gerbe in the high-slot. Gerbe buried it high glove past Eidsness. Weber is a man out here. He forced Kennedy all the way out of his end in a 3-2 drill. Butler isn't too far behind Weber. In fact, he is probably this year's Weber in that the Sabres are going to have a hard time keeping him down. Allard and Zagrapan just went roof on Eidsness. Eidsness moves really well and made some nice stops on Zagrapan and Gerbe. He should do good things with the Sioux. Gerbe is relentless when the puck is near. He has one of the thickest backhands I've ever seen - a good tool for a shifty player. Butler moves well in transition, and rocks a low, hard shot. Kostka looks very fluid. He and Schiestel skate very well, so now we need to see how they do physically in game speed. Boy, Allard has good mustard on his wrister. Biega is looking more nimble than last year. Not bad for a guy built like a mini-tank. Schutz is very crisp with his passes. I'd like to see more finish. Going 4-4 now. More soon.
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